things ive gotta do today

finish this hat commission
shower before 8
figure out whether or not rylees going to school and make mom get up to watch him
post pictures on yard sale website
try and get legit yard sale going this afternoon if it doesnt rain


my fave thing in video games is when you just leave a character standing there for a minute and they start looking around or straightening their clothes or stretching it’s just great 


if u can do liquid eyeliner u can do anything


if you’re gonna shit on people for using fictional characters to motivate themselves well first of all what the fuck is your problem

its literally so cold i cant sleep wtf

im not gonna have time on my phone so if anyone needs me or wants to talk to me add 3ridanampora on kik


this is jsut a psa but usually when people make negative posts its best not to ignore them like. even if you dont usually like peopls posts just liking their negative posts is good it makes people feel more validated. ok thanks